A Comprehensive DevRel Metrics Guide (Part 2): What DevRel Metrics should I track?

07 Jun 2023

Now that we got the Why? out of the way in part 1. Let’s face the difficult challenge on what DevRel Metrics we should collect in the first place.

A Comprehensive DevRel Metrics Guide (Part 1): Why Track Metrics Anyway?

01 Jun 2023

Metrics are the bane of existence for DevRel folks out there. At least in my perception. There seems to be a state of constant confusion and vague advice. I even watched a panel discussion about metrics once, where everybody seemed to avoid giving exact recommendations on how to tackle them.

How to Create Subtitle-Files (srt) with WhisperAI

20 Mar 2023

For my tutorial videos I want to provide high-quality subtitles. But I did not want to write them myself as this is a tedious task.

Let Grails fly in the cloud

13 Feb 2023

This week I wanted to load test a grails application under real conditions. So I needed a simple way to deploy a grails application to a real server (not my notebook).

Nerd-Toy: Zümi

20 Dec 2022

For the last few years, I’ve been interested in various nerdy topics like 3D printing, Raspberry Pi, Arduino and electronics. But I have never taken the time to do anything with this knowledge.

Stoicism - Practical Philosophy for Your Daily IT-Life

04 Sep 2022

This post is based on my talk Stoicism - A Practical Philosophy for Everyday IT. The video for this is linked on my talk page.

Architecture Decision Records Teil 3 - Im Kontext von arc42

29 Aug 2022

Nachdem ich im letzten Artikel das Was und Wie von Architecture Decision Records erläutert habe, geht es diesmal darum Architekturentscheidungen in den Kontext des arc42-Templates einzubetten.

Remote Dev Environments

22 Nov 2021

Do you remember the times when the biggest challenge to compile a project was to set up the correct build environment with all required dependencies?

Architecture Decision Records Teil 2 - Das strukturierte Format für Architekturentscheidungen

02 Nov 2021

Nachdem ich im letzten Artikel hergeleitet habe, warum es eine gute Idee ist Entscheidungen zu dokumentieren, will ich heute das Was und das Wie beschreiben.

Architecture Decision Records Teil 1 - Warum Entscheidungen dokumentieren?

11 Apr 2021

Entscheidungen zu dokumentieren stellt meiner Erfahrung nach Verbindlichkeit und Transparenz her. Um Architekturentscheidungen zu dokumentieren hat sich für mich ein Format namens Architecture Decision Record (kurz ADR) bewährt.

Dynamic AsciiDoc with Groovy and jBake

11 Nov 2020

Did you ever wish to be able to create more "dynamic" documents with AsciiDoc?

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