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July 2019

Das Ziel von Mutationstesten

27 July 2019

Mit das Interessanteste an einem Vortrag sind die anschließenden Fragen. Beim letzten Mal hatte ich das Gefühl die Fragen zum Mutationstesten nicht zufriedenstellend beantwortet zu haben. Deswegen versuche ich das, in den nächsten Blogs nachzuholen.

Code Coverage am Beispiel Zweigüberdeckungs Branch Coverage

27 July 2019

Im letzten Blog ging es um Zeilenüberdeckung.

Code Coverage am Beispiel: Pfadüberdeckung (Path Coverage)

27 July 2019

In den letzten beiden Blogposts ging es um die Überdeckungsmaße Zweigüberdeckung Zeilenüberdeckung. Die Zweigüberdeckung ist ein stärkeres Maß für die Qualität der Abdeckung, da sie die Zeilenüberdeckung enthält. Sie ist also eine echte Obermenge.

Code Coverage am Beispiel: Zeilenüberdeckung (Line Coverage)

27 July 2019

Wie letzte Woche angekündigt, werde ich diese Woche beginnen, die verschiedenen Überdeckungsmaße für Code vorzustellen. Als Beispielprojekt habe ich mir das Game of Life von Conway ausgesucht, was als interessante Übungsaufgabe Einiges an Logik hergibt.

Buchrezension Basiswissen für Softwarearchitekten 3 Auflage

27 July 2019

Das Buch soll als Vorbereitung für die Prüfung zum iSAQB Certified Professional for Software Architecture Foundation Level dienen. Dazu soll es auf dem aufbauend auf dem Lehrplan alles notwendige Wissen enthalten, das zum Bestehen der Prüfung notwendig ist.

April 2019

My Shell-Config on Windows 10

01 April 2019

Windows 10 together with the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) is now a great OS for development. You can easily switch between the powershell and bash and thus test your code on both systems.

November 2018

The Results are in!

02 November 2018

Hacktoberfest turned October into the most productive month of the last year in regards to docToolchain:

August 2018


10 August 2018

When you write integration tests for your web application, you certainly need an http client. But there are many on the market - too many and all with different approaches.

February 2018

Let's start to _model_ our software architecture!

05 February 2018

As architect, you are often reminded that you should model your architecture and not just draw diagrams. But have you ever seen a real architecture model?

January 2018

Open Source is GREAT!

14 January 2018

Some thing you just have to experience yourself before you realize it. One of those things is the power of open source.

looking back at a great 2017

07 January 2018

The year is already seven days old, but it is still time to take a quick look back.

December 2017

Dokumentationen als Code

29 December 2017

November 2017

Modulare Dokumentationen

08 November 2017

October 2017

Neue Kolumne

18 October 2017

May 2017

plantUML with Asciidoctor-pdf

01 May 2017

The last few days I had to learn the hard way that plantUML (as part of asciidoctor-diagram) is not a frient of asciidoctor-pdf.

October 2016

systematically improve code and structures

10 October 2016

Last week, I had the chance to attend a three day training on how to systematically improve software systems. It is called "IMPROVE" and is given by Dr. Peter Hruschka and Dr. Gernot Starke. The german description can be found here:

May 2016

Groovy is Java is Groovy...

09 May 2016

There still seem to be some Java-Developers who are afraid of mixing their Java codebase with the power of Groovy.

April 2016

A Groovy Notebook

30 April 2016

From time to time I stumble upon a web application which lets you write notebooks like the ones you know from Mathematica. They let you mix formatted text which explains your code with code snippets. The output of those snippets is displayed and the code builds up snippet by snippet.

Wacom Bamboo Spark - could have been so much more...

28 April 2016

Bad news first: I guess I do not belong to the target group of the Wacom Bamboo Spark :-)

Serialize a Map as JSON or YAML

06 April 2016

When working in a web environment, you often have to transfer arbitrary data like lists or maps as String of the network.

March 2016


10 March 2016

Zwei Tage Javaland liegen gerade hinter mir. Zusammen mit Tobias Kraft hatte ich die tolle Gelegenheit unseren Vortrag über Spock und Geb nochmal vor einem größeren Publikum vorzutragen.

August 2015

Domain Class Diagrams for Grails Projects

14 August 2015

A Grails project can quickly grow into larger applications. In order to still keep an overview, some architecture documentation is quite useful. One of the most useful diagrams to dive into an application is the domain class diagrams which shows you how your business or domain object interact.

July 2015

Spock-Reports for Grails 2.5

16 July 2015

In two previous posts (Grails3.0 & Grails2.2) I described how to use Spock-Reports with Grails 3.0 and Grails 2.2.

Spock-Reports for Grails 2.2

14 July 2015

In a previous post I described how to use Spock-Reports with Grails 3.0.

A Fool with a Tool is still a Fool...

12 July 2015

...but sometimes the tool makes a difference! I just came back from an interesting 3 day workshop on which I had a first chance to make use of my drawing equipment I bought recently. Originally, I wanted to draw some slides for my talk at Entwicklertag Karlsruhe but we later dropped the idea in favour of professional clip art.

Spock-Reports for Grails 3.0

11 July 2015

Spock-Reports is a great way to create better reports for Spock.

Spock und Geb - Übersichtlich und nachvollziehbar Testen für alle!

05 July 2015

Auf dem Entwicklertag Karlsruhe hatte ich zusammen mit Tobias Kraft mal wieder die Möglichkeit meine Ideen in einem Vortrag zu präsentieren. Mittlerweile ist sogar das Video zum Vortrag online.

March 2015

Spock-Reports with Templates

15 March 2015

The new template engine for the Spock-Reports-Plugin is out. Let's build an asciidoc template with it.

How to use the Spock-Reports-Plugin with Gradle

14 March 2015

Since I experienced some problems when I tried to use the Spock-Reports-Plugin in Grails, I now tried to use it with Gradle.

Starting a new Blog

03 March 2015

Just started my new blog. I've already had several blogs with more or less success, so why do I now start another? First of all because I don't what to be a ghost developer.